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Get ready for the most negative presidential campaign ever

Get ready for the most negative presidential campaign ever - San Francisco Chronicle

Hateful cry baby! All she does is point fingers and crest lies , smoke and mirrors!! The most lying negative candidate I have ever seen in my life!! Pathetic and shameful!!! Why anyone could or would support her is stupid insanity!!! Dumb sheep

President Obama’s Powerful Message to PEOPLE Readers: This Election Should Not ‘Negate All the Progress That’s Been Made’

In a joint interview with First Lady Michelle Obama for this week’s PEOPLE cover story, the president reflects on how far the nation has come since his own 2008 election — and insists our progress overshadows our current struggles. “It just means that elements of our culture get amplified sometimes.

I like Ted Cruz and I appreciate how he stands up to those in congress who ignore the Constitution. But he is not the nominee and I am tired of the liberal media coddling Clinton. Trump has a background of job creation and charitable giving.

People that came to this country, immigrated legally, they now regard this country as 'Their Country' and have embraced the ideals, virtues and this Constitutional Republic. New Patriots, that connect with the original Patriots ! ... and want more, not less liberty, under The Constitution.

Society Could Collapse In A Decade, Predicts Math Historian

Professor Peter Turchin says Donald Trump’s presidential election win confirms that “negative trends seem to be accelerating.”

Poll: Americans Backing President-Elect Donald Trump Just Weeks After Bitter Campaign: “America is five weeks removed from one of the most negative presidential campaigns in history.”