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Cute table décor. Twine wrapped the back right vase and added lace :)

Twine wrapped vases with lace hot glued across center. Use these as my dining room table décor.

Jars and silver spray paint! Two of my favorites :) End jars were my mothers day gifts to my mother and grandmother. Middle one is mine to keep!

I am in love with silver paint!! :) Before:

My first burlap wreathe :) Used some animal print burlap in there also. Purple and white ribbon and some purple feathers.

My nail polish holder!! Formerly my dining room table centerpiece for napkins and such, but I like it better this way. Dollar store big plate, small plate, and bowl plus two candle stick holders(and lots of super glue!)

Human Body Learning Activities for Kids

All three of my kids love Science and I love that I can also learn right along with them. We’re trying to incorporate more hands-on experiments and activities because I really feel like that is a great way for kids to learn. Learning about the human body was always one of my favorite topics in... [Read More...]