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Do you have an Autoimmune Disease? Let me just start by saying that having an Autoimmune Disease just plain sucks. If you’re reading this you probably have one, or you love someone who has one. So you know what I am talking about. It makes you different than everyone else around you. It often means

Unexplained Health Problems? It Could Be Autoimmune Reactivity

I find there are countless people who aren't sick enough to be labeled with an autoimmune disease but are still damaged by the effects of autoimmune reactivity. Here's what I tell them.

The Gluten Autoimmune Connection & Your Thyroid

How the gluten autoimmune connection hurts your thyroid- definitely worth a read for anyone suffering from thyroid issues. Very eye opening!

Why You Need To Ditch Wheat When You Have Autoimmune Disease | So true...I gave up all breads and sugars ago and this is the first time in 35 years without sinus problems. Also decreasing psoriasis and asthma episodes.