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Hold your head up and your middlefinger higher.

I'm not an option, I'm a necessity. Either you need me or you don't, and if you don't then don't waste my time because there is someone out there who does need me.

No time or energy for games--if you want me, use words in a complete sentence and SAY SO. Otherwise, piss off.

Be a fucking wolf. Be a fucking lion. Take no shit. Set goals, smash them. Eat people's faced off. Be a better person. Show people who the fuck you are. Never apologize for being awesome. Stay the motherfucking course.

Go play with your friends and ladies you buy for happiness.

I will always be there for my friends, no matter what ♡ But once they back stabb me, bye felicia. Don't got time for fake friends. Don't need those kinds in my life

but if I give one, it's cause I feel like you don't understand it very well... or I just want to talk