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SHTF - JADE HELM & Special Forces morality issues

from The Huffington Post

Donald Trump Made It Clear -- Again -- That He's Unfit For The Presidency

Donald Trump Made It Clear -- Again -- That He's Unfit For The Presidency | Huffington Post

May he roast in hell for making that statement - along with his wife who put those Americans through that....and then didn't own up to her actions.

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Michigan: Muslim threatens to “sever the heads” of two judges

Mohammed Subhi Alsheleh threatened to “sever the heads” of two judges

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Muslim Brutally Butchers Wife For Un-Islamic Thing She Does At Work

One of the ultimate goals of the white power structure is the complete destruction of any revolutionary thinking

Kerry – giving away US tax dollars to radical regimes! 10/13/13 Well, Kerry apparently thinks differently.When he recently met with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry promised the terrorist financier-turned-politician that the United States would commit another $75 million dollars towards infrastructure development in Palestine.

Texas BANS Sharia Law and the First Islamic Sharia Court in the USA is NOT…

16 Sep '16: Hillary Clinton Used Birther Myth Against Obama. Journalist Says Clinton Spread Birtherism - YouTube - H. A. Goodman - 18:51

SHOW THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS Who Don’t Fully Grasp The Severity Of Hillary Clinton’s Email Breach.. It's up to us to expose Hillary for the e-mail scandal!