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Sure, orange has always stolen the show. But when we wanted to add big flavor to our calorie-free caffeine water, Avitae looked to its smaller, sweeter cousin. Now, the energy of Avitae is bursting with delicious, sugar-free citrus flavor, making it the perfect morning pick-me-up, afternoon keep-me-up or anytime power-up. (@hoggingwithjewelz)

Remember when we used to visit the #ArnoldClassic and leave with BAGS on BAGS of samples & freebies & good deals???? Yeah. Me too. Oh well! Shout out to the @questnutrition team at the Kids Expo for restocking us for the next couple weeks emojiemojiemoji #asf2015 #questnutrition #onaquest @peanutbutterco #nogii #powercrunch #avitae #health #wellness #nutrition #fitness

After having Avitae, you can't help but smile!

You might be asking yourself, what is Avitae? First off, quit talking to yourself — it's kinda weird. Secondly, it would probably make sense for us to start by stating a few things that Avitae is not. It's not a sugary soda. It's not a chemical-pumped energy drink. And it's clearly not a form of boring, breath-killing coffee. Avitae is purified water with natural caffeine acting as a natural energy booster. And for good measure, we tossed zero calories in there too.

At 90mg, Avitae Energy Boost contains about as much as the average cup of coffee. Without the whole coffee breath thing, and calorie-filled cream and sugar, of course. Whether you stand at the start of a workday or a workout, Avitae Energy Boost lets nothing stand in your way. It's a refreshing way to get the caffeine pick-me-up you need – all without picking up a cup of coffee.

Believe it or not, the benefits of caffeine go well beyond basic energy lifts. Studies have shown all sorts of awesomeness stemming from regular caffeine consumption, including disease fighting and performance enhancement. And with Avitae, you can enjoy the superpowers of caffeine in an all-natural form. Our caffeine is derived directly from green coffee beans. Add that to purified water, and green means go.

Got a long day looming? Mountains that need moving? Ninety-nine problems? Avitae Energy Blast is your answer to it all. With 125mg of caffeine, each bottle is equivalent to drinking 1 and ½ cups of coffee. Forget simply seizing the day. Energy Blast will help you put the day in a chokehold until it yells uncle.

Avitae getting @adwod through her last leg of Friday before vacation!

Unlike those blankets with sleeves, when it comes to caffeine and flavors, one size does not necessarily fit all. So Avitae comes in three caffeine water levels and flavors including Pomegranate Açai, Tangerine, Blackberry and Strawberry Guava.