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Guys I have no clue why but Lost like 20 Followers!! :'( I appreciate every one of you, and love having people Fangirling over One Direction with me and being able to relate to me on Girly Things,clothes, Summer and Other stuff. You guys are like my Friends/Family and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who didn't leave! Xx-Sierra

sun . sand . salty hair . She's gonna need a chairub seat cover to protect her car seats on the ride home.

Light and Sand by NicholasL sun light abstract pattern wave ray contour cave 14-24 narrows Nikkor Antelope Canyon flowing sand S

livin' the glam life: Seven Days of Summer :: Day 4 :: The perfect summer scent

Watching the sun set over the continent. Mullaloo Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Spectacular.

Black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park, in Maui, Hawaii

Don't put that on your face. Trust me. My sister and I did that once and the next few hours at home, our skin was stinging from the tiny scratches the sand and shell bits left. Don't do it.