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Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus (16th c) ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Piri Reis was a 16th century Ottoman Admiral famous for his maps and charts collected in his Kitab-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigation). Map of the Fortress of Alanya, Turkey

Map of Egypt by Ottoman Admiral and Cartographer, Piri Reis (16th Century)

Illuminated Manuscript, Map of the eastern part of the city of Venice (Venedīk) from Book on Navigation, Carta di Piri Reis XV sec

Illuminated Manuscript, Map of the city of Damietta (Shahr-i Dumyād) on the Egyptian coast from Book on Navigation, Walters Art Museum Ms. W.658, fol.308b by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts,

Illuminated Manuscript: Map of the Anatolian coast from Alanya (ʿAlāʾiye Alaiye) to Andalye (Antalya, formerly known as Adalia or Attalia) from Book on Navigation, Walters Art Museum: Illuminated Manuscripts

Kawase Hasui - Kakizaki Bentendo Shrine Shimoda, 1937 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Richmond VA by mbell1975, via Flickr

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts-9 Kiyomizu Hall by Kawase Hasui