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오늘 내가 살아갈 이유... 나는 그 동안 불투명한 미래의 행복을 위해 수많은 "오늘"을 희생하며 살았다. 저당 잡혔던 그 무수한 "오늘"들은 영원히 돌이킬 수 없다.-본문 중에서...

Letter Writing

Mrs. Winter's Bliss: Letter Writing

Free letter writing outline paper. Great for a friendly letter!

Fostering the Home-School Connection Through Friday Letters

Fostering the Home-School Connection Through Friday Letters~Such a simple, yet powerful tool for both me and my students. Find out why in this post and get started writing Friday letters in your classroom by downloading the FREE starter kit with this editable book cover and a parent letter to get you started.

How to Write a Query Letter to an Agent or Editor. Plus, an EXAMPLE of my winning query letter that landed me my agent! Writing tip. Publishing. Author. Novel. Book.

Handwriting Practice - Lowercase Letters

Size matters when it comes to teahcing your preschooler how to write their letters proportionately!

This is going to be amazing. I bet all the things I'm obsessed with or "bothered" by will make me laugh!

It makes me extremely sad that so few of my friends enjoy writing letters. All their adoration is reserved for electronic mail. I still write letters to a few friends, and it it always a wonderful thrill to open the letter-box and find something written for me. Hand addressed envelopes, thick paper, creamy paper contrasted with dark ink and delicate, spidery hand-writing. The best thing about letters addressed to you? What is contained within, epic tales, romantic trysts,

Under her pillow.

I gasped as I saw Mahlon's all too familiar scrawl. I slowly and reverently opened the letter hoping for some reason why he's missing to appear. "Kayla, I left because someone's after me. I don't know who or why but they're coming. Be careful. I love you." My heart drops as my phone starts ringing and I fumble for it before it goes off. 'Mahlon' flashes across the screen and I sigh in relief. "Mahlon, thank God you're okay." I say putting it to my ear. "We're not Mahlon sweetheart." I hear.

FREE Cut and Paste Alphabet Learning Book

FREE Cut and paste Alphabet