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lamiafamilia (MY FAMILY): Setiap pemimpin mempunyai era sendiri - Zahid Hami...

Hamadinou ould Hami, 32, with his 2 year old daughter Touha. Hamadinou arrived to Mbera refugee camp in #Mauritania in February 2013 with his family. They fled violence in their hometown of Gundam in the Timbuktu region in Mali. UNHCR / B. Malum / February 2013

Having a Bar Mitzvah ceremony at Jerusalem's Western wall is one of the most moving experiences for any Jewish family - Your family will experience this and many other incredible moments ona Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel tour.


Eating in Color: Delicious, Healthy Recipes for You and Your Family

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Piggy In Boots

I think I have Joe almost convinced that one of these would be a perfect addition to our family...someday.

Family Kitchen Plastic Fruit Hami Melon Watermelon Slicer Orange * More info could be found at the image url.

Family!! I'm working on a new Blog Post and need your help! What questions would you like me to answer during a "Hami Interview Q&A"?List some questions below and the human and I will include them in a new blog post coming soon! (EX: Do I wear boxers or briefs ...What is my ideal fur-lady like ...Things of that sort). Send on the Questions. #HamiInMiami