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I want a boyfriend who.... <3

I want all these and more. But I want a guy who doesn't have to be taught how to love me. I want a guy who knows how to love me and make me feel like his only one. and he has to love God :)

Be My Lion Queen! Look, I know this is not really a thing related to anime or manga but still, I Love It, so i wanted to show it to you too.

Never defy the Lion!Quinn I’m dammit in love with Lion! Thanks FierceZucchini. All night long to do this, OMG. I sketched all the images during th. Faberry Never defy the Lion Quinn

omg i want a boyfriend like this

This is super sweet. I love that he used the words best friend because hes clearly in that relationship for the long haul.

Actually I'm not normally comfortable with hugging people and things like that but I would love to be comfortable enough to cuddle

Having you, pressed up next to me and a lazy arm draped across my waist, we just love without a word. So Love, every moment with you is worth a million stars worth of everything else.

Cute idea

Moral of the story is kiss her every chance you get. ~ Apart from when she is talking! Sit down and listen to her and then afterwards kiss her! A little respect and patience goes a long way!