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Experimenters taking an radiograph of a hand with a photographic plate, with no precautions against x-rays, late century. From: William J. Morton and Edwin W. Hammer, “The X-ray, or Photography...

X-ray of a baby. Look at the gaps between those bones, this is why they are so flexible

X-Ray Machine at L'Hopital Cochin in Paris (1917).... I'm sort of glad technology has evolved....

Brain MRI! What I get to look at all day long for research. I'm in heaven! Concussion research :)

Early x-ray machine developed by Hoffmans and van Kleef, Images of the hand specimen of an 86-year-old woman obtained with vintage x-ray machine (left) and a modern x-ray system (right). The exposure time with the 1896 system was 21 minutes.

Ah, nothing like water mixed with a little radium to get you going

X-ray department 20th general hospital WWI France.

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Service de santé mobile - Radiologie (WWI).

Brain - Circle of Willis

binnorie: Volume Rendering CT scans by voxel123