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Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

Giant 3-D Snowflake - giant is right. With 6 sheets of copy paper, each trimmed to 8.5" square, this giant measures nearly 23"! Next time I'll make them a bit smaller, and with stiffer paper. Card stock perhaps. Invisible tape is also a must.

This is perfect! I'm teaching 2-D and 3-D shapes but only within my science unit on structures. This will help so much! And conveniently integrate with my poetry unit!!

3D shapes poem, going to print and share with my K and 2nd grade teachers (their kiddos will appreciate the cuteness).

10 Activities for Describing 3D Shapes in Kindergarten (K.G.3

Good video to do with Kindergarten and 1st grade on 3D shapes. Can print out posters to go along with song from ( (3D Shapes Song)

Solid Shapes Kindergarten Emergent Reader- 3-d shapes and color words

This emergent reader little book is a great way to practice recognizing solid shapes (3-d shapes) and reading color words. The text of this book follows a predictable pattern: Red cone, red cone, what do you see? I see a blue cube looking at me. This story features the following solid shapes: cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, pyramid, and rectangular prism. It also features the following color words: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple. $