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Little Nina, lost at seven in a train wreck in Cleveland, TN. Her sad story is featured in "Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley."


Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley (Paperback)

Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley

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The Best Ghosts, Witches and Such Books

The Best Ghosts, Witches and Such Books | Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley by Georgiana Kotarski

A extremely brief moment of sun pops through on a very cloudy day, lighting up the nose (yep they ran long hood forward) of a Southern GP30 on display at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Musuem.

Carnton Mansion The Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tennessee was used as a hospital for Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War. Many of the deceased here were buried in mass graves. Several of their apparitions have been seen, heard and even felt here. Among them is the white apparition of a woman who appears on the back porch.

KILLEN, Ala. -- It's no coincidence that you can't spell 'Killen' without 'Kill'. Around this time of year, screams are heard all over the Tennessee Valley. WHNT News 19's Christine Mitchell followed the screams to Arx Mortis, where she found things she thought only existed in nightmares. Arx Mortis is a haunted experience that is now entering its 10th season of business. It is one of the top rated haunted experiences in the United States.

The Bell Witch Cave is a karst cave located in Adams, Tennessee near where the Bell Farm once stood. When I was growing up, we would scare each other with tales of the Bell Witch.

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The Story Behind Tennessee's Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

The mansion was originally built in 1818, by a Frederick Ross who was also the founder of Rossville. Curious what happened to that no-name town? It morphed into the place you and I know as Kingsport. The plantation was a highly successful spot, and Frederick had a joy of a daughter named Rowena. A doomed daughter, unfortunately...

Cherry Mansion, Savannah Georgia, was the site in 1976 where a trio of young people was sitting on the porch around 11 pm when a man in a white suit and a wide brimmed hat walked up to the marker in front of the house. He stood there a few moments reading the marker and then vanished to the shock of the trio on the porch. This was neither the first nor the last of many strange incidents in the long history of this 1830 house.

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Blackberry Farm, TN - still one of the most serene places on the planet that I have ever been. I dream of doing a wedding here! Or maybe even having mine there :)

Blackberry Farm, TN - still one of the most serene places on the planet that I h...