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Paper Roll Dragon Craft

This fire breathing, toilet paper roll dragon is SO MUCH FUN! Blow into the end, and it looks like flames are coming out of the dragon's mouth! Such a cute craft idea for a rainy day!

Cupcake Liner Octopus Kids Craft

We read a cute story about an Octopus this week called Tickly Octopus and then decided to create our own Octopus out of a Cupcake Liner. Adding the Cheerios to the legs turned out to be great fine motor practice for my daughter’s little fingers. I love that you can customize him how you’d like, …

Colorful Pasta Fish Craft

Elbows Macaroni Pasta is the perfect shape for making a fun and colorful pasta fish craft for kids. Great ocean kids craft, summer kids craft and preschool craft.

Hand And Footprint Art Ideas The Best Collection

3D Hand Prints: Bring your hand to life by following this step-by-step photo. First trace your hand onto a piece of paper. Using a marker, draw lines with bumps across your stenciled hand. Continue this process all the way to your fingertips. Once you are done tracing, use colorful markers to fill in the lines. Super cool looking!

What Your Kids Can Learn from Planes: Fire and Rescue

Popsicle stick fun at our house today. My son loved this!! Jackson and Allison are flying their planes around the house right now :-))

Features - From Dream To Reality #61 - The D.I.Y. Dreamer

This is a perfect craft for a kid that has shown interest in the fish tank. My little dude found an awesome fish tank at a restaurant last week and was fascinated. Making out own at home would definitely be a hit with him right now.

Popsicle Stick Apple Core - Kid Craft

These fun apple cores would be a great craft to pair with Secrets of the Apple Tree. You get see what is inside an apple. Things to talk about: the core, seeds and how an apple tree grows.