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Making Beer Bread

Making Beer Bread. A reader asked me to post some of my favorite recipes and notes on making them.

10 Great Make-Ahead Dinners

10 Great Make-Ahead Dinners- Whether you're just spending a few days on the boat, heading off on a passage or preparing for some hectic days, make-ahead meals are take the stress off cooking

Make Your Own Yogurt

MAKE YOUR OWN YOGURT -- thick, rich, creamy, delicious -- and easy! Using good powdered milk, only the starter and finished yogurt need to be kept cool, so it saves a LOT of refrigerator space . . . and you can keep it going forever!

Reducing What You Store in the Refrigerator or Ice Box

Charter companies always say they provide everything . . . and they do a pretty good job of it. But tucking a couple of extras in your suitcase will ensure you have the galley tools you need.

Chocolate-Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies

Simple recipe that tastes yummy! Ingredients can be found anywhere, with lots of substitution possibilities. Great for boats, camping, backpacking and more.

Canned Meat Meal Ideas

Canned meats are great in all sorts of recipes, not just as sandwich fillers. 54 ideas for great meals!

Reefer Madness -- A few simple changes can dramatically improve your boat's refrigeration . . . without rebuilding the box or changing the refrigeration system!