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Proof that I can't journal and post every day no matter how hard I try: this page has been almost done since Friday and I'm only just now getting to share! // I loved everything about Friday's time in the Word. Maybe it was because as I read those words, Sophie's little fingers were carefully plucking out Joy to the World on the piano upstairs. And when I sat down last night to finish up my page, she was playing it again. She's been practicing all week and no matter how many times I hear her…

Added some shading to this:… My pages:

The orcs will pay for this, for everything. As Frafnar finished the thought, the sun slid fully behind the horizon and cast him in shadows. [excerpt from The Knight's Order - J.A. Alexsoo]

BIRDS AND NATURE Marjolein Bastin English Scrap Sheet Collection Four Mixed Media Collage

Tumblr | Facebook She's finished! : ) I had so much fun working on this, I'm going to start doing a bunch of girls of different ethnicity all with flowers in their hair, make a bit of a series.&nbs...

The plan was simple. Get in, get the mark, get out. If she was quiet, it would be over before anyone could notice, even the victim. Mark, mark. She had to remember that. This was business, nothing more. It didnt matter who the mark was, she was paid. Wearing shadows like a cloak, she crept towards the desk chair. Keeping her steps light as a bird's, her knives slipped from their oiled sheathes without a sound. He'd never know, never feel it. All she had to do was finish it.