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Fragment of a relief : Nubian mercenaries From Deir el-Bahri, Western Thebes. 18th dynasty, 1479-1458 BC. Limestone.

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13 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Egypt

“Ancient Egypt” is the land of magic and mysteries. It dates back to 3150 BC. Since the Upper and Lower Egypt were united under the ruling of King Menes who was the first pharaoh, the ancient Egyptian civilization has been a source of inspiration for historians and excavators. “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”…

Detail of queen Ankhesenamun on the gilded shrine, from the tomb of the pharoah Tutankhamun, discovered in the Valley of the Kings, Thebes, Egypt, North Africa, Africa

Fragment of a relief: two princesses with sistra From Western Thebes, from the tomb of Kheruef. New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 1355 BC.

Relief from the temple of Hatshepsut showing Egyptian soldiers Parade of Egyptian soldiers during the "Beautiful Feast of the Valley". 18th dynasty, 1479-1458 BC. Limestone. From Thebes, Deir el-Bahri. 33 x 58,5 cm.

Representation of the deified Pharaoh Amenhotep I New Kingdom, 20th dynasty, 1152-1145 BC. From Thebes, tomb Inherkau's tomb TT 359 at Deir el-Medina Paint on plaster

Face from a Royal Composite Statue Obsidian Height 19.5 cm (7.7 in); width 14.2 cm (5.6 in) 18th Dynasty; reign of Amenhotep III Karnak, Precinct of Amun Court of the Cachette CG 42101