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Fragment of a relief : Nubian mercenaries From Deir el-Bahri, Western Thebes. 18th dynasty, 1479-1458 BC. Limestone.

Upper part of a statue of Thutmose III Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Date: ca. 1479–1425 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri

Painting of a Hippopotamus -- Limestone & paint -- New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Joint reign of Hatshepsut & Thutmose III -- Circa 1479–1425 BCE -- Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Hatshepsut Hole -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fragment of a relief: scene of a military camp New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, around 1340 BC From Memphis/Saqqara, tomb of Horemheb

Mummy of a Woman Holding a Goblet and Bouquet From Thebes Deir el-Bahri Mentuhotep Temple Roman burial IVA 270-280 CE (4)

Relief from the tomb of Merire From Saqqara New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, reign of Amenhotep III, around 1380 BC

Artist's sketch of Ramesses IV, Limestone, New Kingdom, Dynasty 20, reign of Ramesses IV, c. 1153 - 1147 BC