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VW zonder sjoemelsoftware ; een op 69

Volkswagen Floating Car (Concept): The Volkswagen Hover Car is a pod-like zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road.

to much bling? nahhhh

If it is the last thing I do, I am going to have a wondrous, galaxytastic-glitter car. Actually, I hope it won't be the last thing. A girl can dream.

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This is for all the ladies who are skeptical about a riding/driving a motorcycle.The Shoe Motorcycle! Call Motors on the Move for all of your vehicle shipping needs!

The Tomahawk was built by dodge to showcase their Viper V10 engine. They made only a limited number for a price of $550,000.00.

Dodge Tomahawk: 350 mph km/h) This Dodge Tomahawk is a very limited motorcycle that can reach 350 mph km/h) when it’s at top speed. This motorcycle can produce 500 horsepower Kw) @ 5600 rpm. transmission system by using just 2 speed manual transmission.

Colim (Colors of Life in Motion) concept by designer Christian Susana;  bridges gap between Motorhome / caravan / car; 90mph

by Christian Susana is a nice combination of car and a caravan camper. Christian has called it Colim (Colors of Life in Motion) colim caravan concept

Audi Visions OLED!  Would love to see this car in real life!  Audi sure knows how to make a car look classy.

Audi Visions OLED

The BMW 328 is a sports car made by BMW between 1936 and 1940 Audi's "Visions" car light concept.

Fancy - Z Boat by Zaha Hadid

The new mercedes concept car in Geneve with a steering wheel that reminds me of Wonder Woman's sleek but invisible plane.