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Feel Good When You Workout As the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good”; and this is no exception to workout clothes!  As crazy as it may sound, dressing in cute, comfy active wear can actually drive you to push harder in a workout (aka resulting in a good workout).  Find out how you can easily spice up your wor... Read More at Tags: #Clothes, #Cute, #DryFitTank, #DryFitTee, #Exerci

How to Find Joy in the Hard Times Sometimes life is just hard. Sometimes it can feel like life isn’t fair. Why are bad things happening to me? Will I ever get through this? The answer is yes. And you do not have to go through it alone. We all go through trials and sorrow, Jesus himself tells us this in John 16:33! But, the good n... Read More at Tags: #Advice, #BibleAdvice, #FaithAdvice

Shape Up: The Metabolism Boosting Workout

Fashion Staples to Take With You to College There are some items of clothing that never go out of style. I tried to pack as many of this sort of thing to go to college with me as I could. I love dressing trendy and stylish, and there are clothing items that you can literally wear tons of ways and with tons of different combinations (aka... Read More at Tags: #BlackJeans, #ClassicFas

Athletic Streetwear Athletic wear makes up a big part of my wardrobe. Whether I’m actually working out or just lounging around, I love how casual and easy it is to throw on. Athletic streetwear is a growing trend that is not only comfortable but stylish too! What more could a girl want? If you’re a little confused o... Read More at Tags: #Adidas, #Athletic, #Casual, #Clothing, #Fashion, #Streetwear, #S

Tone It Up: Our Slim Waist, Strong Arms Workout + A Giveaway!

Your Dry Shampoo Guide I cannot tell you how many times dry shampoo has saved me. There is nothing better than a douse of dry shampoo when your hair is feeling yucky and you are in a pinch for time. There are 3 different types of dry shampoo that you can use to rescue your roots, and today we are going to talk about... Read More at Tags: #Advice, #BeautyAdvice, #BeautyProducts, #BeautyTips, #DrySha

Mineral Foundation: What’s the Difference? Mineral makeup may be something you’ve never heard of before, or it may be something you use every day!  I’ve never really known the difference between normal makeup and mineral makeup, but I came to find out that it actually has a lot of benefits, especially using mineral foundation on your skin... Read More at Tags: #Beauty, #Complexion

3 Must-Have Pairs of Sneakers for Fall Sneakers are some of my favorite shoes to rock when the temperature starts to drop.  Sneaker fashion like the pictures above is comfy and not hard to throw together!  In the fashion world, you can never go wrong with pulling off a retro look, which I think is what these sneakers have in c... Read More at Tags: #Adidas, #Autumn, #Fall, #Fashion, #N