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Why I love Country Music...#ChaseRice ..... Wait who's chase rice? This is why today's country sucks #forgettable #pop

KEEP CALM AND LET IGGY DRIVE THE CAR :P Maximum Ride...even though hes blind, Iggy is actually pretty good at driving!

Steve Perry’s ‘Oh Sherrie’ Found!

As far as pop muses go, she's right up there at the top along with the Knack's "My Sharona" and Tommy Tutone's "Jenny She's Steve Perry's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, who was the subject of Perry's 1984 solo hit "Oh Sherrie

"There’s this voice line in the game where Junkrat goes. “All better! Or … you know.” This is what I get from it. ‘Everything’s OK, but it can never be fully OK.’ "Dashiana

Chase Rice. This man is not played on the radio enough. Kick Taylor Swift off, and put him in her spot

with veganism you give nothing up; you just stop taking that which is not yours ~ courtesy Jamison Scala #vegan