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Buttcrack covers Many years ago there were these things called Anti-panty's! Basically, you adhered a round patch to the crotch of your pants & went commando!!! Maybe they will make a comeback?! Then they could sell the crack covers & anti-panty's in combo packs!!!

the Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield to hide your butt crack... HAAHAHAHA! I know a place that could use these!

#Repost @farahdhukai LIGHTEN DARK INNER THIGHS (also works for under breast, lower underarm, face + buttcrack)! Chafe happens! the inner parts of your thighs discoloured/darker than the rest of your thigh? This can happen from rubbing or friction- skin rubbing skin this is a SAFE way to lighten the area with no irritation! I dont recommend an acid like lemon on your private goodies cuz.. just.. no -so dis one is grrreeatt ps. sorrry i wont be showing my inner thighs on the in...

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