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25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

Symptoms of a Book Hangover via Epic Reads... That last one is exactly the position I'm in while I am repeatedly calling out characters names (think: Stella)

Book Hangover Definition | Women's Pullover

Book hangover. Noun. The struggle of trying to reconnect with reality after finishing a really amazing book. All bookworms, nerds, and avid readers know the feeling of finishing that book and not... | Beautiful Designs on Graphic Tees, Tanks and Long Sleeve Shirts with New Items Every Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Easy Returns.

THIS had me laughing cause I actually imagine her like this when it gets to those parts in the book. EOS TOGS

This is true but...SPOILERS DO NOT READ AHEAD IF U HAVENT READ EOS YET.....Aelin is chained and even tho she is bleeding when she is put in the coffin she can't move and even then she doesn't have that much knowledge of Wyrdmarks to know which one can break through an iron coffin.

I hate these so much!! I reread Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief 7 times so I wouldn't forget it ⚡