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The Minaret of Jam is a 12th century tower located where the Hari River meets the River Jam in the Sharhrak district of Afghanistan. Standing 65 meters above the valley, it is the only surviving monum

150,000-Year-Old Pipes in China: In a mysterious pyramid in China’s Qinghai Province near Mount Baigong are three caves filled with pipes leading to a nearby salt-water lake. There are also pipes under the lake bed and on the shore. The iron pipes range in size, with some smaller than a toothpick. The strangest part is that they may be about 150,000 years old. Dating done by the Beijing Institute of Geology determined these iron pipes were smelted about 150,000 years ago, if they were…

May 19, 2015- Chinese explorers left a sign that they were here a long time ago. Arizona cartouche petroglyphs. see Ancient Origins article.

Capture of the Pirate Blackbeard, 1718 “Avast, ye landlubbers!”: Where does the pirate accent come from?

Caral, Peru. Ancient civilization in the Americas. The ruins date back over 5,000 years, which means there were cities and life in Peru around the same time as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

The Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan

MATSURRA, JAPAN—The Asahi Shimbun reports that underwater archaeologists surveying the waters off the island of Takashima have located the remains a second shipwreck that was part of one of the two 13th-century Mongol invasions that were destroyed by the “divine wind” (Kamikaze) typhoons.

Α very important city was recently unearthed in Northern Iraq by an international team of archaeologists from the University of Tübingen, a graphic university town in central Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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