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The Minaret of Jam is a 12th century tower located where the Hari River meets the River Jam in the Sharhrak district of Afghanistan. Standing 65 meters above the valley, it is the only surviving monum

The Lady of the Spiked Throne refers to a mysterious artifact from the Indus Valley civilization that has been dated to the 3rd millennium BC. It depicts a woman in a position of power seated in a spi

According to conventional archaeology, writing wasn’t invented until 3000 to 4000 BC in Sumeria.  However, an artefact was found over a decade ago which contradicts this belief – and

Theories regarding the purpose of the Masuda stone carving include an unfinished tomb, a buddhist shrine, an astronomical observation point, or merely a decorative monument - what are your thoughts?

Layout of medieval city at Old Sarum revealed. Archaeologists from the University of Southampton have revealed for the first time the plan of a network of buildings in a once thriving medieval city at the historic site of Old Sarum, near Salisbury. Aerial view of Old Sarum [Credit: English Heritage]

Archaeologists have now entered the third chamber of the Amphipolis Tomb, a monument which has captured worldwide attention since the discovery of two marble sphinxes guarding its entrance.  Exci

A team of archaeologists in France have unearthed a Neolithic necropolis containing at least twenty monuments and some intact burials, according to a report in Past Horizons.  The monumental cons