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Darazah Sharif, near Ranipur, Pakistan - A small village, some 52 km from Khairpur, is known for the tomb of Sachal Sarmast who was a great master of Islamic learning, lived a pious life and composed poetry in Sindhi, Seraiki, Persian and Urdu. Sachal Sarmast's Urs is celebrated on 14th of Ramzan (9th month of Islamic lunar calendar).

Not sure if this is photoshopped, painted or natural, but it looks cool ~ New South Wales, Australia. | #MostBeautifulPages

Get inspired by this beautiful kitchen with natural colors and materials! Beautiful tile, smart paint, gorgeous floors and more – this kitchen seriously has it all. Plus, there is pretty storage and large windows that let in lots of natural light. Check out this great room before your next remodeling project!

Venice Lagoon A narrow barrier island protects the Lagoon of Venice from storm waves in the northern Adriatic Sea, & breakwaters protect inlets to the lagoon. Red tiles on the roofs of Venice contrast with the grays of the sister city of Mestre, & the cities are joined by a prominent causeway. Learn More http://www.nasa.gov/content/venice-lagoon/#.U4yY15RdVm4

Honoring our sacred femininity. Remembering the often lost, forgotten, and banished rituals and cycles of our ancient foremothers. Reclaiming our whole and holy selves as Bringers of Life and Mothers of the Earth.

Earth/Terra Acknowledges Her Galactic Neighbors -- The People of Earth are now open to honest relations with our neighbors in the Galaxy. We acknowledge that you are real and have strengths and faults just as we do. We acknowledge the Creator in You, and ask that you also acknowledge the Creator in Us. Thank you for gently make your presence known to Earth’s people. God Bless and Protect Us All in Our Honest Galactic Relations.

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