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Israeli kindergarten children during a rocket attack- what do you think that they are sending those bombs and planning to miss?

A picture you will never see outside of Israel. Israeli soldiers help Palestinian children escape the rockets from Gaza!

Israel - A moment of fear. A mother and her child protecting themselves from a rocket attack :/

An Iranian woman and her 3 year old daughter, disfigured from an acid attack from the husband/father.

Muslims torturing and murdering Christian men, women and children...Nazi Germany all over again...while the world watches. please help the persecuted christians: support

from eHow

How to Grow a Plum Tree from a Cutting

So much for a child to bare.

FILTHY MONSTERS !!! These little children were made into suicide bombers !!! They were told they were protected by allah and would not die... BAN SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA IMMEDIATELY !!!

THESE MUSLIMS WANT TO KILL OUR CHILDREN WATCH HER. SHE IS PURE EVIL WITH A SMILE.....Muslim Woman Smiles When Told She Managed To Murder Eight Children

Syrian Child Raped and Brutalized by Jihad - 95% of the “freedom-fighters” in Syria are foreign jihadis trying to carve out an emirate — as they always do — justified by fatwas permitting rape and other perversities in the name of jihad. It is the average, indigenous Syrians, such as this child and countless others, who suffer in silence.

from sharia unveiled

Children of Jihad

Palestinian Terrorists With Child