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from Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

6 Widerness Survival Shelters


Emergency Duct Tape Field Stretcher

Helinox Cot One This camping cot floats your tired carcass off the cold/wet/rocky/uneven ground improving your wilderness slumber by a thousand. At just 4.4-pounds it collapses down to fit easily in your pack and yet it comfortably support campers up to 330-pounds. $300

Step 5 Once the pergola is firmly constructed you could finish each junction with palm rope lashings (optional) to hide the metal hardware.

This is the single most versatile piece of military hardware ever devised, it's a tent, camo net, water collector, pack, life raft, stretcher, blanket, sleeping bag, raincoat, and hammock. And that is all without the woobie (insulated liner).


Camping Hammock Tent

"This is a camping tent hammock I made about 20 years ago. It is made of nylon and was stored away from light, which helps explain its good condition. It uses flexible 3/4 inch PVC pipe for the stretcher bars. The curve is adjustable by adjusting the length of the center end rope."