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Never be ashamed of who you are. Unless you a hoe, then we all feel ashamed for you.

I came out to my parents and they kicked me out. We haven't spoken since 1992 and I've moved far away from them. I am a fairly successful attorney and do a lot of humanitarian activities in my town. I wish I could show them the person I've become.

Every Indian Kid will relate to this. Confessions About What It’s Like To Live With Overprotective Parents #OpenLetters

Strict parents create sneaky kids..I learned that out the hard way.

Someone from Levittown posted a whisper, which reads "Don't make your older kids stay home to watch the younger ones. They didn't choose to have babies and shouldn't be forced to have a parental type of responsibility."

lol. i might be doing that with my kids...

What Happens to Children When Parents Fight

The effects of parents arguing in front of their children.