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"My parents believe that I'm the only teenager that: Is lazy, stays up late, has a messy room, lives on their laptop & constantly texting."

"I'm homeschooled, so there's not much you can ground me from. So you know what my parents grounded me from? Cereal. They grounded me from cereal."

Adults freak out when children interrupt them. But when adults interrupt children they think it's fine. JustShowerThoughts

"Shout-out to all smart people with bad grades. I am one of them."

from BuzzFeed

17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy

I got in trouble for not cleaning out my pets cage but I did all the chores yesterday and today and I was working on homework. I'm like MOM DAD STOP PRESSURING ME IM 13 THIS IS THE PART WHERE IM EVEN MORE CONFUSED AND STRESSED AND INSECURE THE LAST THING I NEED IS FOR YOU TO YELL AT ME FOR THE ONE THING I DIDNT DO

"My parents taught me to be kind, humble, honest and hardworking. But I can never thank them enough for teaching me to save an unnecessary fuckton of plastic bags under the sink."

" How did you stop believing in Santa Claus? Mine went like this: Me: Can we put out cookies for Santa? Mom: No Me: Why? Mom: I don't want cookies"