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from Junebug Weddings

Vintage Fall Wedding Inspiration

Lovely bride with rustic flannel jacket | Vintage Fall Wedding Inspiration via @junebugweddings, pics by CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography

Aperture is a confusing topic for beginners in photography – it controls so many variables in your images, from exposure to depth of field, which can make it quite difficult to grasp initially. To make matters worse, the F-numbers of aperture are backwards from what you may expect! A small aperture is a large F-number, and a large aperture is a …

from Thirteen Thoughts

Photography tips for bloggers

How to take stunning images for your blog. photography tips for {not only} beauty bloggers #photography #tips

Los Angeles, road trip with him. #boyfriend #couple

Too Cute! Yucca Valley Photographer | (Kids in the) Kitchen Sink Bath » DelaLane Photography Blog

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