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Image of The Creation Tree - Create Your Reality - while rooting this tree deeply into the root. Draw to you everything the Universe wants to make you abundantly happy.

Interesting and unique idea for a family tree... Silhouette portraits used to represent family members hanging on the branches of a very elegant and yet simple tree painted on the staircase wall #familyphotosdisplayidea #familytreemural

The idea behind the Strength Tree is – as with Art Therapy in general – to make visible and tangible that which is invisible and therefore difficult to grasp.  Lynne encourages the client to think about all that trees represent in the external world – growth, the withstanding of storms, dieback/regrowth, seasons, being earthed, having roots, branching out, their beauty and grace.

These wire work trees are everywhere! You can make them for any occasion, but they are especially great for Mother's Day! You can use the tree branch colors to represent your children's birthstones like in this My Little Tree necklace design.

Adorable quiet book page - a simple tree with bare branches that the child adds spring flowers, green leaves, or fall-hued leaves to, to represent each season. :)

as a husband and wife and each time you have a child. each tree representing how much you've grown and how much has changed since they were planted.

I want a tattoo to represent Maine, where I grew up. A super simple pine tree like this would be perfect, since Maine is the Pine Tree State.

Personalize this poster template to make your own family tree! Each branch of the tree represents a branch of the family and you can add as many (or as few) photo tags as needed.

"A tattoo I had done the day after my 18th birthday at In Your Face Tattooz in Fond du Lac, WI. Gavin was my artist. I wanted something kind of along the lines of a family tree, so I went with the tree branch. The birds kissing represent my grandparents who died (blue for Grampa and purple for Grama), the butterfly is supposed to be my brother who was killed two and a half years ago, and the four leaves falling off the tree represent four of my friends who were killed in a car accident."