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10 Ways to Teach Kids About Germs

10 Ways to Teach Kids About Germs- Teaching kids about germs doesn't have to be difficult. Here are 10 ways to teach them so they can stay healthy and safe.

The Microbial World: Life Science Interactive Notebook

The Microbial World Introducing another chapter in the Life Science Interactive Notebook Series: The Microbial World!! Each chapter in the series will showcase many activities for the students (both middle and high school) to process the information given

Viruses and Bacteria Task Cards

This is a set of 65 enrichment, reinforcement and review task cards for your lessons on viruses and bacteria. The cards cover cellular and noncellular structures, methods of reproduction and characteristics of viruses and bacteria.

Bacteria: The Good, The Bad, The Kinda Gross - YouTube Maybe you've heard of bad bacteria that can make you really sick, but did you know that there are also good (and important!) bacteria living inside you? We'll discuss both good and bad bacteria and also give you a few examples of each! Come learn and laugh with the Amoeba Sisters!