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A Constellation of One-Room Cabins, Embedded in the Forest

In a radically conceptual family retreat in Northern California, the architect Douglas Burnham has made temporary buildings dramatically consequential.

"Women: You are not meant to be a temporary structure. You bring, you sustain, you nurture life. You are the heart of many. You are a permanent and irreplaceable landscape. A lover, friend, mother, fighter, sister, role model, scholar, champion. A victory. A roadmap of comfort. A home." —​ Alison Malee

Keeping Up With Kimye — Kim at the Givenchy Fashion Show in Paris, France...

When we detach from hanging on to emotions that really only keep us in that space of pain, is when we are free to just be and flow with Life. <3 -Mary Long-

The Prairie Schooner tiny house from Wander Homes

from Nordstrom

Cosmetic Glitter

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I’m really excited to share my latest finish with y’all! This is the most technically challenging quilt I’ve ever made, and (probably related) has taken the most time to complete.…

"There are different types of pain; one is temporary, while the other one is permanent. I believe people are the same way; some are like bruises, leaving you aching for them awhile, while others leave you retracing the scars they left you with for the rest of your life." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana