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Synchronicité et Paracelsica de Carl Gustav Jung, - Ma vie - Carl Gustav Jung, Aniela Jaffé - Livres

They [Intuitives] draw the souls out of things and act according to what they discover by this process, just as if what they discovered were ordinary every day facts. ~Carl Jung, Lecture IV, 18May1934, Page 102.

one fills what one looks at with living power and it becomes pregnant - CG Jung on fantasy images.

Dreams often seem nonsense to us, but they spring from nature and are related to our future life. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lecture V 23Nov1934 Page 156.

The psyche has a great desire to become whole and to collect back its scattered parts. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lecture IX,15Dec1933, Page 41.

The ego changes all the time, it has every kind of illusion, but the Self is as it is, there is nothing we can alter in it. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lecture, Pages 175.

Psychology did not suddenly spring into existence; one could say that it is as old as civilization itself. The ancient science of astrology, which has always appeared in the wake of culture all over the world, is a kind of psychology and alchemy is another unconscious form. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lecture I, Page 11.

«The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.» Carl Gustav Jung