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20 Ways Livestock Can Make YOU Money

20 Ways Livestock Can Make YOU Money On The Homestead | Livin Lovin Farmin | Raising for profit

HOME BUTCHERING MEAT PRESERVATION explains in step-by-step detail all the ins and outs, the pleasures and the pitfalls, of selecting, raising, caring for, breeding, slaughtering, butchering, preserving, and cooking poultry, rabbit, goats, sheep, venison, pigs, veal, and beef. Everything you need to know to carry on the age-old tradition of raising and butchering animals for personal consumption or even as a side-line business is clearly illustrated with line drawings and photographs.

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How to Raise A Good Son in A Decaying Culture

How can I run my son through this cultural gauntlet and have him turn out a fine and upstanding man? Here is such encouraging wisdom on raising a good son! ~ Club31Women

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Mother of the groom , mother of the bride gift , mother on law gift , thank you for raising the man of my dream ,necklace & box card ,cubic

Mother of the groom mother of the bride by thefabbridaljewelry

Tony with Steve's shield and Bucky's arm. I really, REALLY want to know what happened after Steve and Bucky left. When Tony realized that they were truly gone, was he relieved? Regretful? Did he cry? Was it from shame at his own actions, sorrow at the loss of a friend, or from the unfairness of the situation in general? How long did he stay there, alone, in the cold and snow? Did he miss Steve as soon as he was gone, or is his heart still broken enough that he does not want Steve back?

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The Importance of Raising a Self Sufficient Child

Are you doing too much for your kids? Discover simple techniques to raising a self sufficient child and to gauging when your kids are ready to be more independent.

His children and wife will thank us for the wonderful man we are raising.

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Firecracker Bows

My LEO! :) He treats his mom and sisters so good and spoils the heck out of them. #hesallmine

How to be a lady- I absolutely love this one! Above all others. It's exactly how I feel about being a Lady, and how In was brought up as well.