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Seriously the best sun rise I've witnessed at Glacier Point Yosemite CA. [OC][1920x1271]
High Country Yosemite National Park [OC] [4000X3000] RiverwoodHood http://ift.tt/2tAszHM July 25 2017 at 02:14PMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
View from Glacier Point Yosemite (OC)[6000x4000] vwhaulic http://ift.tt/2urA86x July 24 2017 at 07:32PMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
Grand Tetons National Park WY [OC] [3264x2448] AutocorrectGuy http://ift.tt/2vNrSPt August 09 2017 at 05:59AMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
Háifoss Iceland [OC] [4181x2793] jack3d-- http://ift.tt/2w3nolm August 01 2017 at 03:08PMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
Art of sunbeams in Switzerland. [1200x1773] [OC] Kovandy5 http://ift.tt/2ufPkB9 August 07 2017 at 02:45AMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
Four Passes Loop -Aspen CO [OC] from my son [Ben Duke] [5669  3779]
Mount St. Helens Washington (OC) [2000x1333] mabahamo http://ift.tt/2gaBgqq August 26 2017 at 02:19PMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn
Hiking down a mountain in Schwangau, Germany [OC][5380 × 3592] : EarthPorn
Palouse Falls Washington [OC][1800x1200] sluu99 http://ift.tt/2pBtVkB May 02 2017 at 07:59AMon reddit.com/r/ EarthPorn