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Keeping correct stitch count @ colour in a simple life: "The difficulty in rounds is that when you join a round you are usually working a slip stitch into the starting chain, and the result is not as neat and compact as your other stitches...... IDENTIFY THE POST OF THE STITCH, AND WORK IN A LOOP ABOVE IT, IGNORING ANY EXTRA LOOPS." ♡ Teresa Restegui ♡ ♡

Simple, neat way to join afghan squares: Whit’s Knits:... (Mingky Tinky Tiger + the Biddle Diddle Dee)

How To Crochet Easy Patterns For Beginners

Whether you're new to Crochet or looking to learn more, you'll find these tutorials on simple Crochet Stitch techniques so handy! We've…

Free Crochet Pattern...Family Room Throw! (Fiber Flux...Adventures in Stitching)

Free Crochet Pattern...Family Room Throw! | Fiber Flux...Adventures in Stitching | Bloglovin’ More

Demystifing the Magic Ring in Crochet

Crochet Stitch Tutorial: How to do the Magic Circle (also known as Magic Ring or Magic Loop)

le Crochet de Pandore | Tuto : remplacer les mailles en lair pour tourner en début de rang | Jai découvert il y a peu de temps sur le forum Tricotin deux techniques qui permettent d...