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Former Reichsbahnbunker (1942) Friedrichstrasse, Berlin. Now the home of the Boros Collection (Sammlung Boros), after conversion by architects Realarchitektur (2007). t's a pattern created by light seeping from the open edges of the box made of (inward facing) mirrors. The effect is fascinating!

from Zeutch

Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser light installation

Looks very similar to a ceramic vessel I made last year. Ab Imo Pectore

from multi-faceted fragmentation

Gemma Smith/Stelian Tchapkanski

Gemma Smith acrylic 'Boulder' sculpture.


from Co.Design

Brilliant Light Beam Art, Made Using The Oldest Trick In The Book

The camera obscura is one of the world’s oldest, simplest devices, dating back at least to the times of Aristotle. It’s a dark box (or room) with a hole drilled in one side. When light shines through this hole, it projects a perfect image from the outside world that has been flipped upside down. Chris Fraser installation