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AC-130 The Infamous and so aptly named angel of death

Hercules - Firing of self-defense flares : AKA - Angel Wings

Aircraft Carrier with Submarine screen.

Aircraft Carrier with Submarine screen. This may not be specifically "aero" but that's an amazing picture.

Got a favorite U.S. aircraft carrier? Thanks to those who serve...

Got a favorite U. Thanks to those who serve. I have always been amazed by the skill of these pilots.

Highway Aircraft Corporation "Fascination".  This car was built in 1974, by Paul Lewis as a follow up to a car built in 1937.The original concept car was built using a propeller for propulsion, which explains the aircraft style body, the car was redesigned using a more conventional 4 cylinder Renault engine mounted outback under the now luggage storage area. Another improvement was to add a second wheel up front to aid stability.

Highway Aircraft Corporation "Fascination", Build by Paul Lewis as a…

aircraft carrier

Friday Firepower: Awesome high-res Aircraft Carriers (23 HQ Photos)

Sea-level look at an aircraft carrier with 16 military jet fly over in formation.home away from home.spent a lot of yrs on these.

Blue Angels - Planes - Aircraft

Blue Angels - I've seen then twice in real life.best times ever!

Future Transportation -   Air-Elf Aircraft   [Collage made with one click using http://pagecollage.com] #pagecollage   http://hoog.li/g?g=http%3A%2F%2Fpsipunk.com%2Fair-elf-aircraft%2F

Future Transportation - Air-Elf Aircraft [Collage made with one click using…