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The Divine Miss M tweets truth about Mike Pence at the theatre

Exactly, unless I ask, or it's an open ended exchange of ideas with no intent to convert.

Anybody that does not believe this of Nazi Germany needs to research this topic!!

Deesis Hand-Painted (Carved Wood) Triptych. Christ in Majesty (Enthroned) in the middle. Theotokos and St John the Baptist are facing towards Christ with their hands raised in supplication.

If churches really followed the teachings of Christ, they would donate their money to good causes and they'd house and care for the homeless.

Because the omniscient and moral god of the bible works best with visual aids when killing children.

ριηтєяєѕт: •❁Ꭶɬyℓɛnвɛauɬy❁•

They use the same services and infrastructure that was paid for by hard working, and struggling, people, but do not pay taxes to help maintain that infrastructure.

Humanism and real solutions are what we all need