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Gallery of Ofunato Civic Center and Library / Chiaki Arai Urban and Architecture Design - 8

AD Classics: MIT Chapel / Eero Saarinen

MIT Chapel by Eero Saarinen (with a waterfall metal sculpture by Harry Bertoia that shimmers in the sunlight reflecting and distributing light into the interior of the chapel)

Doughnut House / Naoi Architecture & Design Office

New Wave Architecture Designs Rock Gym for Polur

whom or what would you like to be influenced? I would like to be influenced by a variety of things. Ranging from architecture, art, people, nature, music. I can find inspiration in about everything. I am really into modern and minimalist design.

NEGATIVE SPACE Definition: Everything in the frame that's not the subject of your focus. Description: The chairs are taking up very little of the picture, and majority of the photograph is just empty space.