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Paint Pro Tip: Paint in the right order. Home with MINOR Peeling: 1. Remove the shutters and screens. 2. Wash the exterior, shutters, and screens. 3. Scrape all loose paint and glazing putty. 4. Replace any rotten wood. 5. Sand all scraped areas. 6. Spot-prime all bare wood. 7. Apply caulk and glazing putty where needed. 8. Brush all overhangs and high trim. 9. Paint all siding. 10. Paint the windows, doors, and trim. 11. Paint the porch floors. 12. Hang the shutters and screens.

Add Plinth Blocks to Door Trim for a Finished Look

Stumped on how to transition between your baseboards and door trim? Try a plinth block! This handy tutorial will show you how.

Super Easy DIY Projects that Make a Huge Difference in Your Home

Frame your windows! This is much cheaper to do yourself and with a little effort, the results look amazing. Full tutorial on Blesser House.

After 30 seconds to a few minutes of steaming, the paint film was soft enough to remove with a stiff, slightly dull, putty knife. During removal, we shifted the steam head to the next section. The steamer left a slight paint film residue that when soft was easy to remove with a sharp pull-type paint scraper. The result was a smooth, clean surface ready to paint -- Old House Journal Online

This is clever, storage shelving that hinge-opens to more storage shelving hidden behind. When you don't have more horizontal or vertical space this is so much better than deep shelves that you have to dig through.

DIY Baseboard Tutorial

DIY baseboard tutorial with printable cheat sheet of cuts and terms. Shows how to install your own baseboards with tips and tricks the pros use.