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Hold your phone safely inside your Walkapocket and enjoy your children!

Work out at the gym w/ your Walkapocket. Listen to music, holding your phone inside your Walkapocket. Fabric stretches just enough to hug your body and not bounce around.

Hold your passport, ticket, ID, cash and phone in your Walkapocket. Travel hands free. Make going thru security easy.

Walkapocket is a necessity: to go w/ your shoes, luggage and phone!

Walk your dog hands free. Hold your treats, bags, phone, ID, cash and lip balm in your Walkapocket. Enjoy your surroundings and your dog.

detachable pocket called Walkapocket is convenient to carry to phone, ID and cash: check out products

Totally obsessed with this black ombre tote! It's a must for the summer collection.

this would be an insanely cool wedding dress for a beach wedding or a very modern art museum ceremony