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*thinks of the "Jungkook Has Become an Adult vid* **WAR FLASHBACKS INTENSIFY**

That's what she said.....ouch.

I WILL NEVER HAND THIS TO THE FORCES OF PINK! >:( -- Maybe that's how I ended up using the women's bathroom at church a few Sundays ago. XD I was in there thinking, "What an oddly designed bathroom. Not a single urinal for me." So I went into a stall, and when I stepped out, there was a woman there (didn't see me)... and I was like, "OH, FUDGE!! Not washing my hands, just leaving..." house isn't that dirty at all.there's no big piles of garbage or dirty adult diapers lying around,only a few dirty dishes in the sink to wash.


Don’t ever piss off your girlfriend…

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Post card art, Golden Roses (pencil and wash; the "gold" has faded) (1910) Hare

from Craftsy

Expressive Figure Drawing

kathe kollwitz. i came across this piece in a book during art class in high school and was immediately brought to tears. her personal story is heart-wrenching.