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20 Survival Items You Can Bring On A Plane

If you've flown recently, then you know the TSA can be pretty picky. So what exactly are you allowed to take on planes?

Ciapek, official mascot of 305 bomber squadron. Flew many missions, logged as a ‘passenger.’ On one of his missions, the plane never returned and was presumed lost at sea. It seemed he was killed in action, months later he reappeared in a nearby town. How he had survived the plunge into the sea, etc. remains a mystery. ID'd by his collar, which had the RAF Polish station’s name and small wooden bombs on it—one for each of the missions he had flown on. Ciapek was reunited with 305 Squadron.

Great tips on flying with pets. Specially in cabin. I have flown with my cat from US to Germany and you really need to make sure all shot are up to date and especially have a chip implanted and certain shots aftewards!

Piper Cherokee Six - solid plane, landed one on on Wedge Island once to pick up 4 fisherman, interesting taking of down hill towards the sea

This movie was based on a true story, The Tuskegee Airmen is about experiences of the first African-American fighter pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps. They experienced racism even though they were supporting and fighting for our country but through perserverance they finally gained respect.

Antonov 225 with Russian Space Shuttle Buran

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Not only that.... you see that plane..that is the dog being flown in SEPERATLY from the family. (They don't fly in with the dog) and .. Those men standing guard (OUR MILITARY) are standing guard for the DOG! Tax payer dollars hard at work. Think how long you had to work to pay for that use of your money !

My ex-boyfriend (and good friend) helped me overcome my fear of flying in 2012. I've flown many times, since then, on a Delta buddy pass.