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Top 30 sad Quotes

The real reason I don't make eye contact.

because in time, it's gonna be okay. maybe not now, and maybe not tomorrow. but give it time.

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Been there, done the hat and heart to prove it. This is such a gut wrenching feeling...when you know you's over.

Everyone thinks I'm really strong. I'm not as strong as they think I am. Only true friends know what I'm talking about

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Don't be fooled between character and an act. A person who is truly good-hearted will be kind to everyone, not just the people they stand to gain something from. A person who is truly kind will feel remorse for causing pain, and they will try to make it right.

How I feel every day. It's so hard to make myself talk to people around me and fake a smile on my face when in reality I just want to lay in bed in the dark and sleep this feeling away -