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We will have to continue to improve our human intelligence system-something that was unfortunately lacking in the years which led up to September 11. This is going to be a continuing process of change. - John Sununu #John Sununu

Read more Ai Weiwei quotes at The only reason they put me in jail is my involvement in politics, my criticism of the authorities. Later the excuse for my detention became my “tax problem.” But internally they never told me anything about it. I don’t want to underestimate their intelligence, but up to this day I think what they did is very stupid. In fact, they even helped me in an ironic sense. They gave me a chance to explain what is happening with this system. They provided…


Saturday Sayings: Einstein or Not

De kracht van een goede leraar schuilt in het vermogen om ieders unieke talent te helpen ontdekken en te helpen ontwikkelen.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Einstein

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40 Quotes about Education

For decades now, our schools haven't been training children to think. And this is why I am 100% AGAINST Common core.


When students cheat on exams.

I personally don't cheat on tests ever, but AMEN to this right here. There's no more room left for learning or loving to learn, so DEAL school system! and they wonder why people are getting less creative and intelligent and more self-absorbed and prone to avoid doing shit. it's not the only reason but a definitely a facet or at least a reflection of the mindset of today