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Every hair makes a difference! Professional shaping can make all the difference! Brows by Jacqueline (esthetician in Austin, TX) @brow_bird. BrowBird.com

What a difference the proper eye-brow can make! Brow School: Eyebrow Filling Basics #browbrowsing #skinwin #eyebrow

Good example of how to properly "fill in" your brows- specifically light brown or blonde brows. Pencil in the proper shape which accents the brow bone and blend, blend like shown here!

Great example of big brows! You can never go wrong with keeping the brows big, but shaping correctly. Waxing and shaping is supposed to bring out the highlight at the brow bone and simply that is it! Perfection is removing only the right hairs!

Penciling in and blending an eyebrow can make all the difference! These are great! Also not too dark and blend in the center as shown. Perfection!

Brows are thick but the ends are taken out - highlighting the area where hair is removed giving the face a broader look. Opens up the light in the temples. Brows should be shaped to highlight the brow one (not the temples). One or two hairs makes a huge difference!

Bad brows - too much of the brow is taken out in the center, which makes her forehead look larger. Removing hair from the brow highlights the area. Also one of her brows is hallowed out with a circular shape and the other has an arch! Yikes! Come make an appt with me we can work on this @ VainAustin.com,

Oh no! Terrible brows on such a beautiful face! Wow! Both brows are very different from each other. Her left brow is circular and too short at the nose and temple. There is a huge gap between her brows up through the nose highlight. This is a common mistake - if your brows are mis-shaped like this grow them and find a pro to reshape for you!

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