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Cat Nabs Formula 1 Victory With Homemade Car In what racing commentators are calling “the biggest upset of the year,” a cat named Eric has come out of obscurity to best his rivals in the Korean Grand.

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Oh my goodness, he's so cute. hold up. I need to go die really quick. Be right back.

Two little fuzzy ponies standing in a field of wildflowers! Little daisies and buttercups. White pone and paint pony.

American Miniature Horse, kids would be so in love with these

Horse and rider take a break from a long hack out in the woods... and sit down and have a chat with one another. I wonder what they're saying!          <3


Le carlin est un chien originaire de Chine, qui appartient à la catégorie des molosses. Cette race très ancienne fut le chien de compagnie de nombreux aristocrates, tels que la Reine Marie-Antoinette.  C’est un chien de taille moyenne (environ 30 centimètres), musclé, compact, et à la tête large.  Le Carlin est extrêmement sympathique. Il est joueur, joyeux, et apprécié des jeunes enfants, car il a toujours de l’énergie.  #Croquetteland #race #Carlin #chien #dog #pug

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “ Mr. by lívia.

Semental Bretón (breton stallion), by hermano gris, via flickr

Breton stallion what a beautiful creature

He hates to swim, but he loves his floaty...

Funny pictures about Dog Floating On A Spaceship. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Floating On A Spaceship. Also, Dog Floating On A Spaceship photos.

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*Riding Buddy

19 Dogs in Sidecars

"...an almost human smile of contentment on his face." --James Herriot - great reading for family vacations

Going for a ride! Going for a ride! Going for a ride with my goggles on!