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8 Of The Most Intense Historical Rivalries

Al Capone vs. Bugs Moran - The Italian boss against the Irish boss in 20th century Chicago - these guys ran things, but were at each others’ throats the entire time. Robbery, arson, murder, they didn’t really have moral compasses. In the end, Capone served some time and was never able to build his criminal empire back up, and Moran died in jail while serving time for a bank robbery. That one sort of fizzled out.

Mickey Cohen observes the affects of a bombing plot to kill him in his brentwood home. February 1950.

Al Capone. Alcatraz mugshot. C.1934

The Corleone that Mario Puzo wrote about. My grandmother hated the mafia

Public Enemy Number One - John Dillinger in 1934

Al Capone's Soup Kitchen...opened in Chicago by Al Capone, 1931.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Apparently even mafia men wear aprons when they cook ;)

Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, Enoch “Nucky” Johnson and friends walking the boards, Atlantic City. April, 1929