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Hooded Sorrow Verano Cemetery,  Rome


Death Is Scary, But These 10 Things Prove That Death In Victorian Times Was Even Worse

If you haven't figured it out by now, Victorian graveyards were packed and overflowing with bodies. But just how many bodies? The average 200-square-foot churchyard could contain anywhere between 60 and 70,000 bodies during the height of cemetery overcrowding in the Victorian era.

The ruins of Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, England.This, the largest of Yorkshire's four counties – and the largest county in England – is also the most beautiful. Unlike the rest of northern England, it has survived almost unscathed by the Industrial Revolution... Read more:

Kitten found outside the priests' entrance who spent the next 15 years as 'Church Cat'.

I always thought this was just called "weird." Now I can tell people, "I'm a taphophile."

The Sheffield General Cemetery Abandoned and Not For Use Since 1978 – Abandoned Playgrounds

If a tombstone ever told a story...Click image to read the story! He was blind, mostly paralyzed and spoke only a few words, but was still able to touch many lives during his short time on Earth. #tombstone #art #inspiration

"I admire those who continue to love even when love shames them, hurts them, and attempts to destroy them. They continue to be brave even when their heart is torn to pieces." -excerpt from a story I hope to write #2 via elenamjacobs